Take the Stress Out of Overseeing Your Property

Get assistance with property management from our team in Lafayette, LA

Is property management turning into a headache and taking up too much of your time? You don't have to look after real estate by yourself. Champs Real Estate & Property Management can help you in Lafayette, LA.

We offer single-family home, multi-family home, mobile home, condominium, townhouse and apartment building property management services. Our certified housing manager and team will help you take care of anything from a single home to a building with up to 200 units. To schedule a free consultation, call 800-311-6681 today.

What does a consultation include?

During your consultation, we'll talk about property management, how it works, what it might cost and your desired rent amount. You can talk about anything you need assistance with, like:

  • Future tenant applications
  • Tenant approval
  • Paperwork
  • Home maintenance
  • Home inspection
  • Home improvement
We can also help you understand equal opportunity housing standards and other requirements. Contact us now for information about home or apartment building property management.